What Apple’s latest product announcements tell us about its strategies in audio, AR, and smart home

The at-home economy boom is enjoying the lingering effects of a drawn-out pandemic, and the home remains a valuable space for brands to explore

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What Amazon’s Latest Product Event Tells Us About the Future of the Smart Home

All images credit: Amazon

Apple unveils new hardware lineup as it doubles down on Fitness+ service and computational photography

All image credits: Apple

What luxury brands need to know about the cultural trends and technological advances that are shifting luxury consumption for millennials and Gen Z

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NFTs are making a comeback in gaming and could become the economic foundation for future metaverses

Image source: Axie Infinity

Is your brand ready to put on a good show?

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Challengers to Google’s search monopoly bet on user privacy as a key differentiator, but the future of search is far from clear

Netflix is getting video games, Instagram wants to become TikTok, and TikTok is selling its algorithms — would audience attention stay fragmented for long?

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What brand marketers need to know about ecommerce solution providers like Shopify, Affirm, and Square

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Richard Yao

Manager of Strategy & Content, IPG Media Lab

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